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Bobette Buster is the author of Do Story (2013) and Do Listen (2018).

Her next book, The Story of Courage will be available in 2024.


How to tell your story so the world listens

In her first book, Bobette reveals her 10 principles of storytelling, such as juxtaposition and the 'gleaming detail', and demonstrates how they can be incorporated into your own storytelling — whether that's developing a film script or literary work, a TED talk, PhD thesis, putting together a pitch or writing your company's 'About' page — to advance the narrative, create an emotional connection and ultimately turn your story from good... to great.

How to tell your story... has been translated into Spanish, Italian, German, Thai and Chinese. The English language version is available in paperback, audio and ebook editions.

I was in your master class last year (2022, just before the war broke out here in Ukraine).  It was the most amazing experience I ever had.

Luda, Ukrainian filmmaker

I am from Tehran, I read Do Story. It was amazing. I am a teacher of landscape design. Thank you for sharing your magnificent self with others.

Alborz Ehadi

“You have a new Argentine fan from Ushuaia. Literally the end of the world. Thank you for your knowledge.

Luccia Junquena Ramos

“Many thanks for such a memorable talk @Foyles. Truly inspirational. Thank you. Loving Do Story. It's a marvel, Bobette. I continue to recommend it to a lot of people I coach.

Robin K. Bayley

Everyone is aware that the industry is currently undergoing massive change. But where is the journey heading?

…we focus on personal storytelling. Bobette Buster is the mastermind behind the stories of Disney/Pixar, Sony, BBC, Google and countless other companies. Her ability to crack into the heart of a story has been transforming the way individuals, entrepreneurs and companies tell their own stories for well over two decades. How to tell your story so the world listens is about the healing and renewing power of stories, their ability to share a vision, and above all: to inspire others. Stories, Busters says, are the fire we carry and pass to each other. This book perfectly describes how this can also be achieved in the digital realm.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I do. 👏

Sven Hirschler, Senior Director Corporate Communications, Deutsche Hospitality


Understand what's really being said.

Find a new way forward.

Do/Listen/ is about rediscovering the lost art of listening. With expert wisdom, simple exercises, film references and compelling stories, it will hone this essential skill – and positively impact your conversations and relationships. Yes, listening can take time. It can be uncomfortable. Yet it can also be a strategy. And sometimes, it will be the most important thing you ever do.  

The English language version of Do/Listen/ is available in paperback, audio and ebook. There is also a paperback edition in French.