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Bobette Buster’s individually curated lecture series include “How to Tell Your Story Well,” “The Uses of Wonder: How Cinema Changes the World,” “The Art of Storytelling/Foundations of Hollywood,” “Deconstructing Master Filmmakers,” “What’s the Big Idea?,” “The Universal Principles of Cinematic Language,” and "Satire and the Shaping of American Culture.” She has delivered keynotes at international idea, film, literary and advertising festivals, and leads workshops in-house to media companies, corporations, charities, advertising and marketing agencies around the world. For 2021 - 2022, Bobette has been appointed an American Film Scholar Cultural Diplomat by the US State Department, giving masterclasses to international embassies in the Czech Republic, the Ukraine, Uganda, amongst many other host countries.

"Bobette is a truly fantastic teacher. No one understands story better than her." 

— Larry Turman, Director, USC Peter Stark Program and Producer of 'The Graduate'

“We have had many first class teachers in Screenwriting - including Oscar nominees and Oscar winners - but no one is as complete and illuminating in all the aspects of cinema storytelling as Bobette Buster. She is absolutely at the top of the top." 

— Armando Fumagalli, Director, Master in International Screenwriting and Production   Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan)

"Bobette Buster's classes have been a wonderful addition to our internal education program. Her insights and thoroughness in examining every aspect of a film have been immensely valuable to our ongoing commitment to learning and creativity."

— Elyse Klaidman, Director, Pixar Studios University

"Bobette Buster may be the preeminent storytelling expert on planet earth today. Her insights surprise, delight, and dazzle story-lovers like me. I loved her first book, and can’t wait for her next.”

— Jonathan Merritt - Contributing writer, The Atlantic

Disney & Pixar use her expertise to make better movies.
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