Drawing from the techiniques and tools of the extraordinary filmmakers of our time, Bobette deconstructs movies to illustrate key concepts to understand the purpose of story structure, a character's arc of transformation, the core theme, zeitgeist and how these are interwoven and enhanced through cenematic language. Bobette's seminar offers a clear, methodological and unique approach to developing a screenplay that is essential for any screenwriter, producer or director. In understanding how to use these tools to orchestrate the audience's emotional response, a filmmaker will be able to elevate a script to the highest quality.


Bobette Buster: Can you tell your story? from The Do Lectures on Vimeo.


DO STORY Workshops:

1) How To Tell Your Story So the World Listens, Oct. 4th, 2017

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2) Making the Personal Universal, Part II, Oct. 5th, 2017 London, England

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Qldeas — The Arc of Storytelling, New York, USA

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Ciclope Annual International Advertizing. Berlin, Germany

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The Future of Storytelling Conference. NYC, Oct. 7 + 8, 2016

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The Gallery at Foyles London, UK

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Hays Festival Wales, UK

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Finding Animation Sydney & Melbourne, Australia

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"Bobette's class not only gets people inspired; it gets results. Bobette's seminar will change the way you watch movies — and the way you make them."

— Sony Animation Studio



" enormous heartfelt thank you from this year's Sydney Writer's Festival... (we've) had such wonderful feedback... your talk was just fantastic."

— Jemma Birrell, Artistic Director, Sydney Writer's Festival 2014



"In our Program we have had many first class teachers in Screenwriting - including Oscar nominees and Oscar winners - but no one has such depth and clarity and is so complete and illuminating in all the aspects of cinema storytelling as Bobette Buster. She is absolutely at the top of the top."

— Armando Fumagalli, Director, Master in International Screenwriting and Production
Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan)



"Bobette is a truly fantastic teacher in the USC Peter Stark Program where she has made such a tremendous impact on students. No one understands story better than her."

— Larry Turman, Director, USC Peter Stark Program and Producer of 'The Graduate'