The Art of Conversation

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Il Giornali, Milan, Italy - July 31, 2018

La maestra degli sceneggiatori hollywoodiani: La tu teme la sfide

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The Atlantic, Christmas 2015

The Greatest Story Ever Told?

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Storytelling Fundamentals from Hollywood Screenwriter Bobette Buster

"Bobette Buster's engaging style and comprehensive filmmaking knowledge enlightens her audience and challenges them both intellectually and creatively. She is very well respected by our filmmakers and we look forward to more sessions with her." — Disney Animation Studio

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The Independent, UK

'The science of stories: Learning how to tell a tale is the film industry's most important skill'. By Tim Walker, originally published in The Independent, April 12, 2012.

"You need only study this week's cinema listings to know Hollywood is running out of stories. Wrath of the Titans is a sequel to a remake of a film based on a millennia-old Greek myth. Battleship is a movie adaptation of a board game. Mirror, Mirror is a version of Snow White, the fairytale first committed to celluloid by Walt Disney 75 years ago. Another big-budget take on the same story, Snow White and the Huntsman, comes out in June. The industry is long on "re-imaginings", but short on imagination.

The problem, explains story specialist Bobette Buster, is that studios are neglecting one of the most important — and cheapest — parts of the filmmaking process: development. "I see it on screen over and over again," she says. "People who have a good idea but become frustrated with the story development process and eventually just say:'It's good enough'. They think they can fix the problems later with marketing. Pixar is an exception: it takes apart its stories at least four times before putting them out and it takes the time to create a great tale, well told."

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Forbes, USA

Bobette's book, Do Story, was listed no.3 on the Forbes websites What is Your Book of the Year for 2013.

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Avvenire, Rome

Sceneggiatura la storia si fa film

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Success on Capitol Hill

The Librarian of Congress has announced two exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Bobette testified in support of this landmark decision.

The Daily Mail, UK.

Bobette gives this reporter a tour of the Secret Heart of Hollywood.

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The Hayly Telegraph, Wales.

'Now Listen Here Buddy'. Anyone can learn to tell a tale so that the world will listen. By Bobette Buster, originally published in The Hayly Telegraph (The Hay Festival), May 26, 2013.

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So Magazine, Australia.

'Bobette Buster — The uses of Wonder'. By Jelynn Millare, originally published online, June 11, 2014.

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The Sunday Times, Malta.

'The Storytelling Guru'. She was there when Tarantino made Resovoir Dogs, and has taught award winning scriptwriters the art of storytelling. David Schembri meets Bobette Buster, the story guru.

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Wall Street Journal, USA

Bobette was quoted in the article 'Test Marketing a Modern Pricess'. By Katherine Rosman, originally published in the Wall Street Journal Online April 9, 2013.

For five years, a Disney team of writers, child-development and early-education experts and storytelling consultants worked to create a new sort of royal girl: Sofia the First.

"Everyone is aware of the 'princess luggage'." says Bobette Buster, a story consultant hired by Disney to help with Sofia.

Sofia the First was 2013s most-watched cable series among children 2 to 5.

Correire Della Sera, Italy.

By Fumagalli Armando.

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"Hollywood's Best Kept Secret"
Headline, SSN Insider
"Creating Audacity: Cinema - The Artform of Transformation"

— 21st Century Fox Studios




"While we are island hopping through the playground of ancient storytelling I am enjoying a great read by my friend Bobette Buster. I can highly recommend this entertaining and inspiring book."

— Jochen Hirschfeld ( at Temple of
Apollon - Portara )