Bobette Buster's Annual Story Lab - two weekends in August, at beautiful poolside guest house in Los Angeles. (Address available upon payment) - Cost: $700, first weekend ($650, if paid by July 25); $100 non-refundable down payment

August 5 - 7: What's the Big Idea? How Theme creates character and the emotional DNA that binds your story.
Friday: 6 - 9pm, Saturday: 9:30am - 5:30pm, Sunday: 10 - 5pm

August 12 - 14 Cost: $1200 (Or $1100, if paid by August $100 non refundable down payment) Limited Class
Bring your personal projects, and meet with Bobette one-on-one on Friday or Sunday.
(Bobette will read up to 3 hours of material, and meet for 60 minutes on your project individually).
Saturday: 9;30am - 5:30pm - Group sessions regarding your project.
DISCOVERING THE QUESTION OF YOUR STORY. How theme reveals the question that drives your story)

(If you take both weekends, the cost will be $1750, or $1600 if paid by July 25)

For those who take both weekends and wish to continue a script development mentorship with Bobette, she would be available to read meet for 30 minutes at $250/hour over the following six months.

Payment via Paypal:<
or by money order (address given upon request)

" enormous heartfelt thank you for participating in this year's Sydney Writer's Festival... (we've) had such wonderful feedback... your talk was just fantastic." Jemma Birrell, Artistic Director, Sydney Writer's Festival 2014.

"Bobette Buster’s classes have been a wonderful addition to our internal education program. Her insights and thoroughness in examining every aspect of a film; from structure to marketing, acting, cinematography, editing, and sound, have been immensely valuable to our ongoing commitment to learning and creativity."
Elyse Klaidman, Pixar.

Bobette Buster.
Story guru, screenwriter, documentary producer,
adj. professor, consultant.

After serving as creative executive for Tony Scott, Larry Gelbart and Ray Stark, Bobette Buster continues to consult for Hollywood’s leading decision makers and creatives at leading studios including Pixar, 20th Century Fox, Disney Animation, and Sony Animation and conducts seminars for the most elite film school programs around the world as well as in-depth, immersive workshops on how to be a storyteller for corporate and not-for-profit organizations and idea conferences.

She is the author of Do Story: How to tell your story so the world listens.
This just in! My book has entered it's 6th printing .


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